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Growquest is California licensed nursery that services California home owners, estate managers, landscape contractors, developers and other private interests.

Growquest offers the most diverse online selection of bare root roses and other plants in the USA and Canada. Shipping on those plants from November through May. Roses and prime garden plants are sold at since inventory and prices change often and that site is built with better technology.

The nursery business is operated by Christopher Morgan Gilcrest, educated in horticulture and plant biology in both college and field work since 1981. This web site was built first to offer ladybugs and bio controls to the public in 1998, making it among the oldest web sites on the internet. Heck this site is so old that nearly every user back then had dial up service and that an Intel 100 meg chip was blazing fast.

In 2003 the web site changed over from due to a trademark fight that had lasted a few years and evolved to a rose plant and bio control web site.

Big Sale posted 8/23/2013

15 gal Mission, Manzanillo & Wilsonii olive
trees only 64.99, huge plants

15 gallon Premium Hass, clonal root stock $90.00

Growquest is dedicated to selling bare root and container grown plants. These links are provided without compensation to the Growquest web site. I know some of the companies personally, others I do not know. I put them here because they are able to do the best most honest job in their product group.

Currently, Fall 2013, I am remodeling the site to include travel links to the origins of some of the fruit trees like citrus and olive and links to where you can buy the fruit or oil of the plants for sale on this web site. I wish I was getting some travel and food credits but it just a courtesy to you to better enjoy your Growquest web site experience.

   Ladybugs and Bio Controls

Ten years later in 2013 Growquest.Com and Growquest.Net are discontinuing the retail sale of ladybugs and bio controls to focus entirely on avocado, citrus, olive and sub tropical fruit trees and garden and landscape plants in California and Western States.

Growquest Service Area

This web site was built back in the stone ages of the internet. The site is still highly effective at educating customers about avocado, citrus and olive trees but the shopping cart and shipping cost technology are out dated so it is being remodeled to primarily service California and western garden needs.

Lake Tahoe, Reno and  Las Vegas metro regions we offer full delivery service

Out Of State

Small plant orders can be shipped FedEx Ground cost effectively in the Western States and California. Some plants such as olive trees, some sub tropical and citrus plants are cost effective for shipping to many parts of the Country but beware the FedEx Ground charges will be high.

Southern California Orders

California plants orders are delivered weekly in Southern California throughout the growing season. Southern California for the purpose of this conversation is Bakersfield across to San Luis Obispo to the Mexican border.

Northern California Orders

Northern California plants orders are delivered weekly from February through September and then as needed.


Growquest does not sell bio-controls, these can be purchased from an be purchased though other bio control companies such as A-1 Unique Insects, Rincon Vitova, and The Ladybug Company.

Growquest does not sell flower bulbs and similar items. I strongly suggest these vendors for those items;

Growquest does not sell seeds, these companies are highly rated for seeds;



Growquest does provide excellent full size ready to fruit or fruit producing plants in these and other species groups;

    Blueberry Plants





                                                  Sub Tropical Fruit Trees

  Loquat  Fruit Trees

  Cherimoya Trees

  Sapote Trees

  Gauva Trees

  Kiwi Vines

  Passion Fruit Vines

  Mango Trees

  Banana Plants

  Mulberry Trees

  Pomegranate Plants

  Papaya Trees

  Pitaya - Dragon Fruit




                                                      Salad Fruit Trees                   

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