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Fruit Salad Citrus Trees

5 in one Salad Citrus tree 5 in one Salad Citrus tree
Salad Citrus Combination Trees Sizes Fruit Production
Twofer Orange - 2 x1 Orange, Trovita & Valencia #7 and #10 Seasonal, already to go this year
Triple Citrus Treat - 3 x1 Valencia Summer Orange, Rio Red Grapefruit, Lisbon Lemon #5 & #7 Year round, starting about September
Super Citrus Salad, 5 x 1, Washington Navel, Late Lane Navel, Meyer Lemon, Bearss lime, & Honey Mandarin, #15 and 24" boxes Continuous strong year round production, a lot of fruit right now.
Citrus Salad Combination Size Price Item Code Inventory Buy Shipping
Super Citrus Salad #15 $185.00 CtrSalad515 Plenty
$50.00 or more
Super Citrus Salad 24" Box $465.00 CtrSalad524 Plenty
$50.00 or more

We now have a good crop of salad citrus trees in addition to our supply of;

These mixed combination citrus trees are excellent medium to large container grown plants and are perfect for indoor and outdoor patios and small back yards. The fruit taste the same as regular single grafted citrus trees, you just get more selection.


Most trees are available in standards, semi dwarf and dwarf sizes. Current cart settings are not set up for all options. If you do not tell us your preference we will email you. Other citrus varieties are available that are not listed here. Give us a call if you do not see a plant that meets your needs here. Chris

Fresh is better, grow your own. A dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon 28" tall in Italian pot. Pot and tree are separate items. We have a huge selection of Sub-tropical fruit trees. Take your self back to that relaxing trip in the tropics with fresh fruit from a Guava tree.  We can ship our trees ready to harvest. Large trees have a lot of tasty fruit.

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Combination Code Container Size Price Buy
Apple01 4 x1 FtrdSld0107 #7 container $78.00 Sold Out
Apple01 4 x1 FtrdSld0115 #15 container $118.00
Apple01 4 x1 FtrdSld0124 24" Cedar Box $285.00 Sold Out
Apple03 4 x1 FtrdSld0307 #7 container $78.00 Sold Out
Apple03 4 x1 FtrdSld0315 #15 container $118.00
Apple03 4 x1 FtrdSld0324 24" Cedar Box $285.00
Apricot 2 x1 FtrdSld0507 #7 container $78.00
Apricot 2 x1 FtrdSld0515 #15 container $118.00 Sold Out
Apricot 2 x1 FtrdSld0524 24" Cedar Box $285.00 Sold Out
Cherry 4 x1 FtrdSld0707 #7 container $78.00 Sold Out
Cherry 4 x1 FtrdSld0715 #15 container $118.00
Cherry 4 x1 FtrdSld0724 24" Cedar Box $285.00
Cherry 2 x1 FtrdSld0907 #7 container $78.00
Cherry 2 x1 FtrdSld0915 #15 container $118.00 Sold Out
Cherry 2 x1 FtrdSld0924 24" Cedar Box $285.00 Sold Out
Pear 4 x1 FtrdSld01107 #7 container $78.00 Sold Out
Pear 4 x1 FtrdSld01115 #15 container $118.00
Pear 4 x1 FtrdSld01124 24" Cedar Box $285.00
Peach 3x1 & Nectarine FtrdSld01307 #7 container $78.00 Sold Out
Peach 3x1 & Nectarine FtrdSld01315 #15 container $118.00
Peach 3x1 & Nectarine FtrdSld01324 24" Cedar Box $285.00 Sold Out
Peach 5 x1 Nectarine FtrdSld01507 #7 container $78.00 Sold Out
Peach 5 x1 Nectarine FtrdSld01515 #15 container $118.00
Peach 5 x1 Nectarine FtrdSld01524 24" Cedar Box $285.00 Sold Out
Pluot 4 x1 FtrdSld01907 #7 container $78.00
Pluot 4 x1 FtrdSld01915 #15 container $118.00 Sold Out
Pluot 4 x1 FtrdSld01924 24" Cedar Box $285.00
Fruit Salad Combo 5 x1 FtrdSld02107 #7 container $78.00
Fruit Salad Combo 5 x1 FtrdSld02115 #15 container $118.00 Sold Out
Fruit Salad Combo 5 x1 FtrdSld02124 24" Cedar Box $285.00