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Key Lime Citrus Tree

The Florida Key Lime, it is not just grown in Florida and can be found in many other locations. (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) is not the same as the Mexican Thornless lime. While the fruit is similar in size the foliage of the plants is very much different, as is most importantly the flavor of the two lime plants.

Mexican and Key fruit are much smaller than regular "Persian" limes. Key lime fruit  range in size from a ping-pong ball to a golf ball.

The peel is thin, smooth and greenish-yellow when ripe. The flesh is also greenish-yellow and full of highly poly embryonic seeds (two or more plants from one seed). The interior is divided by 10 to 12 segments, quite juicy and has a higher acidity than regular Persian limes. Key limes have a very distinctive aroma, which makes them valuable for culinary use.

We have Key lime trees grown on dwarfing root stock, that make ideal house plants.
Key Lime  Mexican "Thornless" Lime 

Key Lime #5 potted citrus tree
Ready to produce blooms or fruit $39.99
Key Lime #7 potted Nursery tree Ready to produce fruit or fruit on the plant $58.00
Key Lime #15 potted Nursery tree Large production of Key Limes. Strong mature plants about 5 to 6 ft tall. $112.00
Fresh is better, grow your own. A dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon 28" tall in Italian pot. Pot and tree are separate items. We have a huge selection of Sub-tropical fruit trees. Take your self back to that relaxing trip in the tropics with fresh fruit from a Guava tree.  We can ship our trees ready to harvest. Large trees have a lot of tasty fruit.

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