Manzanillo Olive Tree

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Manzanillo Olive Fruit
Easy pit removal & excellent flesh quality. Vigorous trees. Used for table fruit. Also popular in landscapes. Picked very early (Sept) when they are green. Very productive, while self fertile pollinated is enhanced by Arbequina, Lucca, Sevillano or Barouni.

Manzanillo Olive

Manzanillo is ranked as the world's number one table olive. Its cropping ability, disease resistance, texture and flavor combine to place it at the peak of medium sized table olives, and its medium/high oil content also makes it a valuable oil cultivar. Manzanillo was introduced to California in 1875. Manzanillo is the most popular canning variety. Not quite as cold hardy as Mission it is still wildly grown in California. A more rounded, spreading tree growing to 30-35 feet. The fruit matures in October and early November but is usually harvested in September. Fruit is processed as mostly black-ripe and green-ripe olives. They are also suitable for oil as oil content is good (20.3%).

The olive can withstand low temperatures of 18 deg F or even14 deg F, and even lower as long as it is not subjected to them for many hours, thawing proceeds slowly and the tree is not at the active growing period [March - October in California]. During the vegetative stage, the olive tree is sensitive to low temperatures which can cause damage to twigs and secondary branches, and even to the trunk and scaffold branches. Resistance to cold is a varietal trait. To ensure it fruits well, the olive does, however, need temperatures close to 32 deg F which induce vegetative rest. It withstands high summer temperatures well, and even lack of ground moisture, although it then adjusts its growing activity to an essential minimum.

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We grow or have available two groups of olive trees, there can be some cross over from the fruiting group to the landscape group;


Gene Lawler, who has given olive curing classes at the Canada College Olive Festival for several years, has shared his recipe for green olives. One of the joys of an olive festival is hearing everyone's  family recipe for curing olives. Although they may disagree on additives and cure times, all agree that home made olives beat the store bought article by a mile.


Use two 5 gallon buckets with 11 lbs. olives in each bucket.
Wash and sort green olives. Do not dry.

DAY #1 For each bucket put 2 gals. cold water plus 8 tbls lye. Dissolve lye in water. Let stand hour, then add olives. Place weight on top of olives. Let stand 24 hours.

DAY #2 Drain olives, wash well. In bucket put 2 gal. water, plus 4 tbls. lye for each bucket. Add olives and let stand 48 hours.

DAY #4 Drain olives, wash well. In bucket put 2 gal. water, plus 4 tbls. canning salt (plain salt) for each bucket. Add olives and let stand 24 hours.

DAY #5 Drain olives, wash well. In bucket put 2 gal. water plus 18 tbls. salt for each bucket. (18 tbls. = 1 cup + 2 tbls.) Let stand 24 hours.

DAY # 6 Drain olives, wash well. In bucket put 2 gal. water plus 8 tbls. salt per bucket. Let stand 24 hours.

DAY #7 Drain olives, wash well. In bucket put 2 gal. water plus 10 tbls. salt. Leave for 24 hours.

DAY #8 Same as Day # 7. 10 tbls. salt

DAY #9 Drain olives, wash well. In each bucket put 2 gal. water plus cup salt and 4 tbls. white vinegar. Let stand 3 to 4 days. Can stand one week before canning. Rinse olives before canning.

TO CAN Sterilize quart jars, heat lids. Pack olives into hot jars, add a clove of garlic to each jar. Boil one gal. water with cup canning salt. Fill each filled jar of olives with this liquid. Leave inch air space. Process in canner one hour, medium boil. i.e. Cover jars with water, and tighten lids tight before canning. Let cool out of draft. Do not tighten lids while jars are cooling.

16 tbls = 1 cup, 8 tbls = 1/2 , 4 tbls = cup