Calamondin Orange

This variety of orange tree produces a very small bushy tree which will bear fruit all year round. The oranges are generally used in cooking for puddings, sweets and sauces as well as for marmalade or they can be pickled in brandy. The oranges are very juicy, seedy but with a strong slightly bitter flavor.





Our Citrus trees are ready to fruit, not little saplings. Yes you can buy citrus trees on the internet for $16.99 and Yugo's also sold for a lot less than a Lexus. With nursery plants you will get exactly what you paid for. Production cost are about the same, within a dollar or two for all of us, plant production is about the most equal opportunity lose or win enterprise there is. Ask the "grower" or web site for a photo and guarantee of the size of the plant. Our plants are ready to bear fruit, some even come with fruit ready to eat, many come with fruit that just needs more growing time. Do you really want to wait 1 to 2 years for the tree to fruit and after going to the trouble of getting it shipped to you? Citrus trees only begin producing well after several years of growing and $16.99 buys about a 6 to 9 month year old plant. Ours are typically 2 to 3 years old  in years or more of age, sent flowering, fruiting or ready to get started on both.

Our trees are typically sold in #5 or #7 containers. We have  #15, 24", 36" and 48" box sizes also. Your best value for long distance shipping are our #5 or #7 plants. But if you or your garden need a big fruit tree then try our 24" box and 36" box sizes. That also means these are big plants and require some effort to pack and ship. Orders in AZ, CA & NV may delivered to you, depending on sizes and season. Prices and check out do not include total shipping or delivery charges. Central Valley and Los Angeles region customers may choose to pick up their order at the farm. Total shipping costs are based upon quantity of plants bought, your location and how fast you want the plants there. A single Citrus tree purchase would typically cost $18.00 from $28.00 per plant to ship. Volume shipping discounts apply from 3 or more trees. Out 5 gallon plants weigh about 25 to 35 pounds. We guarantee the fruit trees to be free of disease for 12 months.