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Growquest is a grower, retailer and wholesaler of citrus in California. We are the leading source of mature citrus, olive, subtropical and avocado trees on the internet. With the largest selection of trees of all sizes and many varieties, Growquest can almost always get you what you need or want.

If you are looking for a mature plant, then we are your best source. We delivery most of our trees ourselves in California. Additionally our expertise in packing and shipping trees means you will have an excellent product arrive to your door.

Our plants are ready to bear fruit, some even come with fruit ready to eat, many come with fruit that just needs more growing time.  Ask the retailer for a real time cell phone picture or for a video of what you are getting before hand. Click into our citrus trees and you will often find a recent video of our trees or their fruit.

  Patio Tree Form and Bush Form Citrus 
                   Salad Citrus Trees, only for sale in So Cal
Blood Orange
Moro Blood Orange


Rich burgundy color also grow in coastal areas. Very productive, early maturity. Distinctive aroma, exotic berry like flavor. Buy Here Dec - March
Tarocco #7  Blood Orange
A third of all oranges consumed in the Mediterranean are blood oranges.
The name "blood orange" refers to the internal flesh having reddish purple spots. The fruits are very sweet and are a little smaller than a baseball.  Buy Here  
Sanguinelli blood orange


Rind blushed deep red. Flesh red flecked to beet red. Needs more heat than 'MORO' to sweeten up. Tart spicy flavor. Mostly seedless. Buy Here  
Small orange fruit that are eaten peel and all. Will store on trees for months without loss of flavor. Needs lots of heat to produce very fragrant blossoms in summer. Plant is very cold hardy. Very ornamental with small foliage. Native to China, it is a symbol of prosperity and good luck. 
Fukushu fruit Fukushu Kumquat

The leaves are larger and broader than other kumquat species. 

The fruit is also larger and slightly different in shape.

Buy Here  

Meiwa Kumquat

Sweet round fruit, prized flesh. Candied or in marmalade. Grows best in hotter locations. Buy Here Dec - April
nagami2 Nagami Kumquat This small tree loads its dense branches with bright orange, delicate tasting oval fruit, appearing nearly year round. Very ornamental in containers on patio or indoors in bright light.  Buy Here Dec - April
Lime Trees                                         Click into Lime Trees for all the info...
Australian Finger Lime The juice is very tart, much like a Mexican lime.  The “citrus caviar” is used mainly as a garnish. Buy Here Year round

Key Lime
Known as 'Key Lime in Florida, this is the famous lime of Key Lime Pie. Strong lime flavor and Juicy. Buy Here Year round
  Bearss Seedless Lime - The Perfect House Lime Plant. Also on our Salad Citrus Trees Large fruit, very juicy and seedless. This is the most commonly grown commercial variety. Most be protected from severe frosts. Crop heaviest in fall, although fruit stores on tree finally turning from green to yellow before falling off. Buy Here Year round
Mexican Thornless Lime Fruit much smaller than 'Bearss' with some seeds. Strong lime flavor and Juicy. This is the ideal lime for tropical drinks and Latin food dishes. Buy Here Year round
  Indian or Palestine Sweet Lime
A yellow rind with a distinctive and aromatic oil, pale yellow flesh, and a few, if any, seeds. Although it is succulent and juicy, its low acid count makes it a great mild taste.
  This mild flavor is popular in the Middle East and India.  5 gallon plants, ready to fruit or fruit on them $39.99
Year round
  Kaffir Lime
Kieffer/Thai, Wild Lime
Leaves, zest, and juice are used in Thai, Cambodian, and Indonesian cooking
. Bumpy fruit. The leaves of the kaffir lime tree are a dark green color with a glossy sheen.  Buy Here Year round

Rangpur Lime

In reality this orange-colored fruit is a sour mandarin. Its juice combines mellow lime sourness with mild orange flavor. Closed blossoms are purple in color.
 5 gallon plants, ready to fruit or fruit on them $39.99
Year round
Lisbon Lemon Major commercial variety worldwide. Lisbon grown on Flying Dragon dwarf citrus root stock. Also on our Salad Citrus Trees Buy Here Year round
Lemon Eureka Pink Variegated  Excellent patio or container plant! Attractive creamy-white and green variegated leaves, pinkish tinge to new growth. A very good looking plant. A must for the garden enthusiast. Our designer choice for indoor lemon growing. Buy Here Year round
Lemon Eureka  Produces large crops of fruit all year near the coast. Prune tree to keep compact and to keep from becoming leggy. Has fewer thorns than 'Lisbon'. Handsome as individual specimen or patio container tree. Buy Here Year round
Lemon Meyer Improved Thin-skinned fruit that is less tart than 'Eureka' or 'Lisbon'. Plant has a mounding habit. Nearly thornless. Fruits abundantly in winter but can have some fruit most months of the year. Mature fruit turns from yellow to slightly orange in color. This is the outdoor size Lemon tree plant. Also on our Salad Citrus Trees

An excellent sweet tasting lemon, great for cooking

Buy Here
Year round
Dwarf Lemon Meyer Improved Same great tree and fruit but grown on a root stock that keeps it at a dwarf size. Great for indoor growing. It is our choice for best indoor lemon tree. An excellent sweet tasting lemon, great for cooking. Buy Here Year round
  Lemon Ponderosa - The Ponderosa Lemon tends to be slightly less hardy than other lemon varieties. Grows in conditions suitable for the average citrus, water frequently except during cold months. Buy Here Year round

Grapefruit   A great way to start the day, tree fresh.

Marsh Grapefruit Best flavor if grown in hot climate locations. Fruits takes 18 months from bloom to ripen. Tree has dense form and rich, green foliage #5 gal - $29.99 Buy Here  
  Melogold Grapefruit Its sweet flavor is the most notable characteristic of a Melogold. Like the Oroblanco, Melogolds eat sweet and lack the bitterness sometimes associated with grapefruit. In fact, many say it tastes like a grapefruit with the sugar already sprinkled on top.  #5 gal - $34.00 Spring 2007  
  Oro Blanco Grapefruit Large white-fleshed hybrid that matures mainly in early spring. Fruit very sweet even when grown in coastal areas with low summer heat. Huge fragrant blossoms in spring. Large glossy-green foliage #5 gal - $32.00 Buy Here  
Rio Red Grapefruit Texas hybrid that shows much better color than the traditional 'Ruby'. Best in warmer locations but also performs well near the coast. Also on our Salad Citrus Trees #5 gal - $39.99 Buy Here  
Red Blush Grapefruit Treasured for its fragrant flowers and gentle red blush coloring of fruit flesh and rind with limited seeds #5 gal - $39.99 Buy Here  
  Star Ruby Grapefruit Dark red color is characteristic of this variety, even when grown in cooler coastal regions. Crop heavy in spring, stores well on the tree. Also on our Salad Citrus Trees #5 gal - $32.99 Buy Here  
Pummelos, sometimes referred to as a "Shaddock" or "Chinese grapefruit", are botanically known as "Citrus Grandis", the largest citrus fruit. Pummelos closely resemble grapefruit.
  Plummelo Cocktail Slightly sweet, with just pinch of tartness. A very tasty fruit. #5 gal - $32.99
Jan- April


The fruit is large and pear-shaped with a slightly flattened bottom and has a slightly pebbled, thick, yellow rind.  The flesh is light yellow, ricey in texture but juicy.  The flavor is good, #5 gal - $32.99
Jan- April 
  Tahatian The fruit is round with a flattened bottom and has a greenish-yellow rind that is thinner than the typically thick pummelo rind. The flesh is greenish, juicy, and sweet with a flavor some refer to as melon-like or even lime-like.  #5 gal - $32.99 
Jan- April 

Mandarin - Tangerines

  Algerian Mardarin From North Africa. Fruit is spring ripening. #5 gal - $32.99 Buy Here Jan - March
  Clementine Mandarin Orange From North Africa. Fruit is spring ripening, is slightly larger than Dancy and has fewer seeds. Yields best production in desert. Also produces well in coastal climates. #5 gal - $32.99 Buy Here Jan - March
  Clemenules Mandarin The "Clemenules" or "Nules" clementine accounts for the great majority of clementines produced in the world. Spain alone has over 200,000 acres, producing fruit between November and January #5 gal - $39.99 Buy Here Nov -Jan
  Daisy Mandarin Daisy produces a medium-large, mid-season mandarin with an attractive dark orange rind. It peels and sections moderately well. #5 gal - $34.00  Buy Here Feb - March
  Dancy Mandarin Best known of the Mandarins. Winter-ripening fruit. Easy to peel. Some seeds. Tree has fine foliage and upright habit. Good flavor. #5 gal - $32.99 Buy Here Jan - Feb
  Encore Manadarin The fruit is medium in size with a thin, yellow-orange rind. Encore fruits hold well on the tree without much puffing of the rind. A perfect late season Spring mandarin. #5 gal - $34.00  Buy Here March - April
  Fairchild Manadarin This "First of the Season" tangerine is known for its "zipper skin." The Fairchild displays a good orange exterior with a bright orange interior. The texture will vary from smooth to somewhat pebbly and the fruit has seeds. Great tree for desert regions. #5 gal - $34.00  Buy Here Nov -Dec
  Fremont Mandarin Bright reddish-orange peel, rich flavor, tender and juicy. Some seeds, heavy bearer. Fruit holds well on tree until spring. Where protected from cold, fruit flavor is unsurpassed. #5 gal - $34.00  Buy Here Fed - April
  Gold Nugget Mandarin  The fruit usually matures by early March, but holds exceptionally well on the tree, with summer-harvested fruit still being of good quality. #5 gal - $39.99 Buy Here Feb - March
  Honey Mandarin They peel and segment easily, and are extremely juicy. The fruit is thin skinned, slightly flattened with no neck and are smooth, almost glossy, in texture. Also on our Salad Citrus Trees #5 gal - $34.00 Buy Here Feb - April
  Kara Mandarin Produces delectable thin skinned, easily peeled fruit which ripens in winter to spring. . Densely branched oval form. #5 gal - $34.00 Buy Here Dec - Jam
  Kishu Mandarin or Mukaku kishu Mandarin The flesh is bright orange, seedless, mild-flavored, sweet, and juicy. It is early in maturity, and the fruit holds well on the tree #5 gal - $34.00 Buy Here Nov - Jan
  Murcott (W.) Mandarin The tree is moderate in size and vigor. The fruit is usually flattened with a thin, smooth, orange rind that is easy to peel. #5 gal - $32.00 Buy Here Nov - Jan
  Nova Mandarin The tree is vigorous and the mandarin fruit is medium to large for a mandarin. This is a sweet, juicy, seedless variety which peels easily and cleanly. #5 gal - $34.00 Buy Here Oct - Dec
  Owari Satsuma Mandarin Orange Hardiest of all mandarins. Seedless and easy to peel. Excellent flavor when ripe in winter months. Stores well when refrigerated but not well on tree. A very slow grower #5 gal - $29.99 Buy Here Jan - March
  Page Mandarin
  Pixie Mandarin A great choice for a late season tangerine. Seedless, thin skinned, mild, sweet fruit is easy to peel. Excellent vigorously upright growing variety #5 gal - $34.00 Buy Here Jan - March
  Tahoe Gold Mandarin The flesh is seedless, bright orange, finely-textured and juicy. The flavor is rich and sweet when mature #5 gal - $39.99 Call Jan - Feb
  Yosemite Gold Tangerine Tangerine flavor, the size of an orange #5 gal - $39.99 Call Jan - April
Navel Oranges
  Washington Navel Orange Famous winter-ripening fruit. Excellent in flavor. Seedless, easy to peel, separates into segments. Also good for fresh squeezed juice in winter. Also on our Salad Citrus Trees #5 gal - $29.99 Buy Here Nov -Jan
  Cara Cara Navel Orange  Has a rich pink pulp, accompanied with an orange exterior. (This variety is sometimes referred to as the Red Navel.) The interior is extremely sweet with a relatively low acid content and few to no seeds. #5 gal - $29.99 Buy Here Winter -Spring
  Late Lane Navel Orange Lane Late’ is one of many new Australian late season navels. These are often called summer navels. Also on our Salad Citrus Trees #5 gal - $29.99 Buy Here Late Spring Summer
  Dwarf Washington Navel Orange Famous winter-ripening fruit. Excellent in flavor. Seedless, easy to peel, separates into segments. Also good for fresh squeezed juice in winter. #5 gal - $29.99
Nov -Jan
  Fukumoto Navel Orange

One of the best oranges I have ever had to eat - chris

Fukumoto’ an early-season, medium-sized navel which should be harvested by the end of October or early November. Due to its early maturity it may not have full orange peel color at the time of harvest although it is ready to eat. #5 gal - $32.99
Oct -Nov

Robertson Navel

Fruit borne in clusters. This navel has excellent flavor even in areas of low summer heat. Early ripening, seedless and a heavy bearer. #5 gal - $29.99
Nov -Jan

Sweet & Sour Oranges


Hamlin Sweet Orange

Fruit can be harvested before the danger of frost and early harvesting may increase tree cold-tolerance for this cultivar. Although fruit quality is inferior to many other cultivars, high productivity, seed-lessness and earliness of fruiting make this cultivar quite popular #5 gal - $32.99   Oct -Jan

Shamouti Orange 

Shamouti oranges, are an important Mediterranean orange mostly associated with Israel, and are fragrant and pleasantly sweet. #5 gal - $39.99   Winter
  Jaffa Orange        

Trovita Orange

Spring ripening. Wide range of climate adaptation. Develops great flavor even in areas of low summer heat such as the coastal areas of California. Few seeds. Also on our Salad Citrus Trees #5 gal - $36.99

Pineapple Sweet Orange

Named because of its delicate fragrance. Following the 1894-95 freeze, it became Florida's principal midseason cultivar and has retained this status ever since #5 gal - $39.99
Jan -March

Chinotto Sour Orange

The tree flowers and sets very good crops of small orange fruits of moderate seediness. These fruits mature in winter and are moderately tart. #5 gal - $39.99
Feb - March

Seville Sour Orange

The fragrant flowers are used in China to flavor tea, and in Europe the flowers are the source of oil of neroli, used in perfume manufacture. #5 gal - $39.99

Bergamot Orange

Bergamot is used almost exclusively for the essential oils it yields, some of which forms the basis of perfumes and are also used in Aromatherapy treatments. #5 gal - $39.99 Buy Here Spring
Tangelo & Tangor

Minneloa Tangelo


A tasty hybrid turns bright red-orange color in winter. Fruit must ripen slowly on tree during spring for best tangerine flavor. Very sweet and juicy upon maturity, even in summer months. #5 gal - $34.99
Winter & Spring
Valencia Orange

Summer ripening. The traditional "juice orange", also good for eating. Blooms in spring and has small green fruit first summer which ripen the following summer. Stores well on tree for long periods actually improving in quality.

  Campbell Valencia Late Orange The fruit is medium in size with few seeds #5 gal - $29.99
  Dwarf Late Valencia Orange The fruit is medium in size with few seeds. Dwarf trees are great for indoor growing in pots or atriums. #5 gal - $39.99
  Olinda Valencia Orange The fruit is medium in size with few seeds. Olinda is more productive than other selections in Texas and in Arizona #5 gal - $36.99 
  MidKnight Valencia Seedless Excellent seedless variety of summer orange, great for juicing or eating. Also on our Salad Citrus Trees #5 gal - $39.99
Citrus Specialties


Prized fruit of the Philippines, know as 'Kalamansi'. Small orange fruit, sour in taste, can be used as a lime or to make marmalade. Spectacular ornamental. Upright habit. Early bearing and highly productive. #5 gal - $34.00  Buy Here Winter Spring

Variegated Calamondin Orange

Same but with wild looking variegated foliage, great fruit with accent foliage. #5 gal - $38.00 Buy Here Winter - Spring

Bergamot Orange

Bergamot is used almost exclusively for the essential oils it yields, some of which forms the basis of perfumes and are also used in Aromatherapy treatments. Limited #5 gal - $39.99 Buy Here  
Eustis Limequat Fruit gets it's shape from Kumquat and it's flavor from 'Mexican Lime'. Ever bearing and highly productive. Somewhat more cold hardy than lime parent. #5 gal - $39.99
Year round
  Indio Mandarinquat A kumquat-mandarin hybrid with orange, bell-shaped fruit much larger than a typical kumquat.  #5 gal - $39.99 Buy Here  
  Meiwa Kumquat Sweet round fruit, prized flesh. Candied or in marmalade. Grows best in hotter locations. #5 gal - $36.99
Dec -April
  Sadachi Orange Sudachi is a Japanese citrus fruit akin to its slightly more famous cousin, Yuzu. The plant has white flowers which bloom in May and June. #5 gal - $44.00    
yuzu2 Yuzu


Yuzu’s most notable characteristic is its pungent aroma.  Both the rind and the juice of Yuzu find use in Japanese cuisine, and dried Yuzu is used as a spice.  The fruits are even used in a ritualistic bath at Lunar New Year to ensure good health. #5 gal - $44.00 Buy Here Sept - Nov


Etrog Citron
The unique Etrog Citron fruit can be traced back before the days of Christ. It was first recognized in the Middle East and is known as the ceremonial fruit of the Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles.
Buy Here Aug, Sept & Oct


Buddha Hand Citron

Tt has a intense lemony perfume and is used to flavor liqueurs, vermouth, and for medicinal purposes.
The hand has been used in China medicinally for centuries. 

Buy Here


Dec - March


Citrus, some with fruit on them, ready to begin the journey to your home and garden. Grown in 5 gallon pots here.
36" box standard Lemon Eureka in Italian terra cotta clay pot.

36" Box Citrus $650- 850.00 depending on variety

42" terra cotta plot $575.00

13 year old supervisor pushing for us to get done and go too the beach - priceless

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