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Large Citrus Trees

These are big citrus trees. 36" Boxed Citrus trees are typically 6 1/2 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide. They are very mature and will come with or produce a lot of fruit right from the day of arrival. A boom truck or small large tractor to get them off the truck. The 48" citrus trees are typically 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide and require a small crane to get off the truck and place into the landscape. Delivery is typically limited to the Western United States for these big trees. Discounts are available on multiple tree purchases. 48" boxed Citrus trees usually have a very limited selection. 36" boxed Citrus are generally well stocked. Just make a wish list and call it over. - Chris

Grapefruit 36" Box 48" Box
Oro Blanco $950.00 $1350.00
Rio Red $950.00 $1350.00
Star Ruby $950.00 $1350.00
Eureka $950.00 $1350.00
Meyer Improved $950.00 $1350.00
Bearrs lime $950.00 $1350.00
Mexican lime $950.00 $1350.00
Mandarin -Tangerine    
Dancy $950.00 $1350.00
Gold Nugget $950.00 $1350.00
Honey mandarin $950.00 $1350.00
Page $950.00 $1350.00
Satsuma $950.00 $1350.00
Minneola Tangelo $950.00 $1350.00
Lane Late Navel $950.00 $1350.00
Moro Blood $950.00 $1350.00
4 in 1 Citrus    
Bearrs lime, Meyer lemon, Honey Mandarin, Lane Late $950.00 n/a

Navel or Valencia Orange
$950.00 n/a