Olive Tree Shopping


Freshly harvest olive fruit, from most of the trees we grow Looking for smaller patio and house olive trees? We have got some great starter plants, in #1 and #5 nursery pots. Olive fruit with some coins to contrast the many sizes of olive fruit.

For Oil and home hobby or commercial olive fruit production in your back yard we have these starter Plants in #1 pots. Plants are about 30 to 36 inches tall and about 2 years of age. Units of 10 or more will be discounted. For larger purchases we will deal. To buy call or email us.

Raw olives must be cured before they can be eaten, and the curing medium--usually lye, brine, or salt--affects their flavor and texture.  So too does the olive's degree of ripeness when it's picked.  Green olives are picked while unripe, which makes them denser and more bitter than brown or black olives, which stay on the tree until fully ripened. 

4-1-09 Olive Tree Sale

We have a solid crop of #1 size olive trees, through the month of February  all #1 size olive trees are on sale for buy 3 Get the 4th Tree, free. This sale does not apply to #5 or or #15 olive tree sizes. We can deal on those trees but it is better to E-mail over a list of those trees.

The lowest price rose will be deducted from your in from your invoice prior to our nightly order processing. If for any reason your selection is not available we will let you know, as inventory changes quickly on some hard to.

An excellent source of visual information is this page from UC Davis, show the production, harvest and caring of many of the olive trees we sell.  UC Davis Olive Page

Fruiting Olive Varieties Type Uses Pollinators Climate/ Zone Size Buy

Spanish variety, small fruit Perfect for pots and indoor growing Self fertile Hardy #1/ $24.99 More Tree Sizes

Small Spanish Olive Has high productivity. Great tree for container gardening Maurino, Coratina, Pendolino, Frantoio, Leccino, Olivastra Hardy #1/ $19.99 More Tree Sizes

Italian Olive Delicate quality of the flesh, appreciated all around the world Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino Hardy #1/ $19.99 More Tree Sizes
Barouni olive

Oil, huge fruit, look like small Plums High summer temperatures. The variety usually shipped to the East Coast for making home-cured olives. Originally from Tunisia. Mission & Manzanillo Moderate cold #1/ $39.99 More Tree Sizes

Italian olive, table fruit or excellent oil Has very good adaptability to different soils and climates Pendolino Hardy #1/ $19.99 More Tree Sizes

Italian olive, table fruit or excellent oil
It is rich in oil from which is very fruity, notably aromatic and of high quality
Self fertile Moderate cold #1/ $19.99 More Tree Sizes

Grappolo Olive
Tuscan olive, Oil Oil and landscape Manzanilla, Sevillana Moderate cold #1/ $29.99 More Tree Sizes


Kalamata Olive
Greek olive, a World class olive for table fruit and oil.
American hybrid olive Oil, medium fruit Self fertile Not good for high heat summers #1/ $49.99 More Tree Sizes



Greek olive tree, small fruit, bearing large amounts for oil.
Greek  olive, medium, low wind areas. this is a good drought resistant variety but one that does not tolerate cold well Self fertile Moderate cold #1/ $24.99 More Tree Sizes


Leccino Olive
Tuscan olive, Fruit, medium, low wind areas Table fruit & oil. Olive The tree is quick to produce and resists well adverse climatic conditions Pendolino, Maurino, Frantoio, and Moraiolo Hardy #1/ $29.99 More Tree Sizes

Lucaca Olive
American, a project from UC Davis. Great large olive oil tree.
Has good frost resistance and is probably closely related to Frantoio Self fertile Oil and landscape tree #1/ $29.99 More Tree Sizes


Manzanillo Olive
Fruit, large Great landscape tree with large fruit Self fertile Hardy #1/ $19.99 More Tree Sizes

Medium sized Italian olive Can be cultivated in cold, humid zones that are subject to fog Pendolino, Frantoio Hardy #1/ $19.99 More Tree Sizes


Mission Olive
Fruit, medium sized olive excellent for table fruit Great landscape tree, where you need a huge olive tree. Self fertile Hardy #1/ $19.99 More Tree Sizes

Queen-”The Mantini Olive” Fruit, very large olive fruit Great landscape tree with large fruit Self fertile Hardy #1/ $29.99 More Tree Sizes

Pecual Olive
Spanish olive and fruit, one of the most sought after oils in Arab Countries Adapts diverse environmental conditions Manzanilla, Sevillana Hardy #1/ $39.99 More Tree Sizes

pendolioPendolio Tuscan olive, Oil The oil has a delicate flavor and is pleasant.  This oil variety is considered an ideal pollinator for most Tuscan oil cultivators. Maurino and Leccino Hardy #1/ $19.99 More Tree Sizes

picholinePicholine French olive, oil and fruit. In the top 3 for the most sought after olive trees. Highly rated for the flavor of its fruit and oil. The tree has notable resistance to drought and average resistance to cold.  Rustic variety used for both table fruit and oil that is widespread in France. Leccino, Manzanillo Moderate cold #1/ $39.99 More Tree Sizes


Santa Caterina
Italian Olive An excellent table variety that is widely planted both within and outside the Mediterranean. Self fertile Moderate cold #1/ $39.99 More Tree Sizes


Sevillano Olive
Fruit, large Stunningly beautiful trees, long willow like foliage. Very large fruit, perfect for table fruit. Self fertile Hardy #1/ $29.99 More Tree Sizes

Taggiasca Medium Sized Italian Olive Very prized for its oil productions Self fertile Moderate cold #1/ $29.99 More Tree Sizes

Olive-Trees.Net is not involved the moving, sale or planting of field dug specimen olive trees. We handle olive trees through 48" box nursery grown specimens. For specimen trees contact Surf and Sierra Nurseries

We grow or have available two groups of olive trees, there can be some cross over from the fruiting group to the landscape group;