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Roses are specialty at Growquest. We maintain the largest rose data on rose grower's inventory in the nursery industry. We can deliver our rose orders or ship the the plants FedEx or on refrigerated trucks.

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Barbra Streisand Hybrid Tea Rose

Barbra Streisand, hybrid tea rose. An avid rose lover, Barbra was very choosy when it came to picking a rose that would bear her name. Rumor has it she wanted one that would only grow to the left no matter where was planted, but that couldn't be done. It had to have large flowers with an attractive color. But most of all, it must be fragrant! The Barbra Streisand rose certainly fulfills those desires. Just one big shapely blossom can nearly overpower you with strong sweet scent. The clean lavender colors show off strikingly against deep glossy green leaves. Her vigorous plant bears loads of long-stemmed beauties. Great for cutting or just for the fragrance.

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Another Excellent Choice for Fragrance Heirloom Hybrid Tea Rose, flower color about twice as dark as Barbra Streisand Rose.

One of the finest fragrant purple/ mauve Hybrid Tea roses ever grown. Powerful sweet fragrance that fills a garden. Excellent for cutting and bringing indoors. First generation parent of the AARS winning rose 'Intrigue'.
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Name: Heirloom
Designation: JACbloom
Class: Hybrid Tea Rose (Modern Large Flowered)
Parentage: Unknown
Fragrance: Strong sweet rose
ARS Color: Mauve and mauve blend