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Apricot Roses, Best Varieties

These roses are noted for their colors while having the best  disease tolerance and growth habits. 

Reds - Pinks - Whites - Lavenders - Yellows - Apricots - Multi Colors - Striped Colors - Blue - Green 

BrandyBrandy ARRS 1982 An exemplary Hybrid Tea (one-to-a-stem blossoms), `Brandy' deserves a spot at the rear of shorter roses; she towers. Her deep apricot coloring is a crowd-pleaser; so is the spicy fragrance.  Bare root #1 grade $12.99
PT $21.99  
Also in a 36" Tree rose  

Brass Band STAR ROSES AARS 1995 - Lively trios of large double blooms in unique shades of brassy apricot to pink cover this plant. A striking rose with a light Damask fragrance. Bare root  #1 grade 16.99 
#5 Pot 22.99

Just Joey Large deliciously ruffled apricot flowers are a sight to see. Produced on long stems and are delightfully fragrant. A favorite from the United Kingdom, flowers have up to 30 petals with a strong fruit fragrance. Good disease resistance. BR grade #1 $12.99
#5 Pot $21.99  
Also in a 36" Tree rose  

Sunset CelebrationSunset Celebration 00.jpg (33706 bytes) AARS 1998.  An ever-changing blend of apricot, gold, amber, cream and peach.  The flowers are produced singly or in small sprays and the stems clothed in rich green foliage.  Flowers have up to 40 petals with a moderate, fruity fragrance.  Excellent disease resistance. BR grade #1 $14.99
#5 Pot  $21.99  
Also in a 36" Tree rose

STAR ROSES AARS 1995 - The rose that has the color of a new penny. The blooms come in clusters of 5 or more, on this tall, disease-free plant. The delicate musk fragrance is unusual for a Floribunda and makes this rose an extraordinary addition to your garden. #1 grade bare root $16.99
#5 Pot 22.99