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Best Lavender Roses

These roses are noted for their lavender colors while having the best  disease tolerance and growth habits. 

Reds - Pinks - Whites - Lavenders - Yellows - Apricots - Multi Colors - Striped Colors - Blue - Green 

Barbara Streisand The clean lavender colors show off strikingly against deep glossy green leaves. Her vigorous plant bears loads of long-stemmed beauties. Great for cutting or just for scents. Bare root #1 grade $16.99  
#5 potted $24.99  
  Available as a 36" patio Rose Tree

Heirloom Masses of magenta- lilac blossoms are produced on a bushy, well shaped plant. Flowers have up to 35 petals with a strong sweet fragrance. Good disease resistance BR grade #1 $12.99  
#5 Pot $21.99  
  Also in a 36" Patio Rose Tree

STAR ROSES - The scent of lemon will fill your garden air with this Floribunda. This colorful plum rose is pretty and showy, with attractive glossy green leaves. Add this to your collection of AARS winners. bare root #1 grade 12.99
#5 Pot 21.99  
  Also in a 36" patio Rose tree


Stainless Steelstainless steel

Elegant silvery-lavender blooms with impeccable form.  The flowers are large and the plants are quick to re-bloom.  They tend to produce in large spectacular sprays so if one bloom per stem is your liking then, disbudding will be necessary.  Flowers have up to 30 petals with strong, rose fragrance.  Excellent disease resistance. BR grade #1 $16.99
#5 Pot 22.99  

ParadiseParadise AARS 1979.  A regal color of kings and clergy.  The rich lavender blooms are brushed with ruby markings and are presented on long straight stems.  Flowers up to 30 petals with a moderate, fruity fragrance.  Good disease resistance. BR grade #1 $12.99
#5 Pot 21.99  
Also in a 36" Patio          Rose tree