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Best White Roses

These roses are noted for their colors while having the best  disease tolerance and growth habits. 

Reds - Pinks - Whites - Lavenders - Yellows - Apricots - Multi Colors - Striped Colors - Blue - Green 

Honor AARS 1980 Extra large, pure white flowers are help a top large vigorous plants. One of the finest white roses available today. The flowers have up to 25 petals with a sweet tea fragrance and good disease resistance. BR grade #1 $12.99  
#5 Pot $21.99  
Also in a 36" Patio rose tree

Excellent Floribunda shrub rose, very good for hedging. Per unit the most sold landscaping rose that we know of.
Iceberg Plenty of long, cool-white buds open as large, double roses on this Floribunda. The light green glossy foliage makes a perfect backdrop for these clean white blooms. Grown by Weeks Roses. bare root #1 grade 12.99
#5 Pot 18.99  
  Also in a 36" Patio rose tree


Moonstone is excellent as a 36" Rose tree
Moonstonemoonstone.gif (50837 bytes) Extremely large, porcelain with blossoms are edged in deep pink.  The very large flowers are presented on long stems and clothed in rich foliage.  Up to 35 petals with mild, tea and rose fragrance.  Good disease resistance. BR grade #1 $16.99
#5 potted, Large plant $23.99  
  Also in a 36" Patio rose tree


This is one of top 10 selling roses
PascaliPascali.jpg (20716 bytes)

AARS 1969.  Considered one of the world's top ten roses.  The pure white flowers are produced in mass atop a clean, upright plant.  Flowers have up to 35 petals, with a light, tea fragrance.  Good disease resistance.

BR grade #1 $12.99
#5 pot $21.99  
  Also in a 36" Patio rose tree