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Chris's Amazing Ladybeetle Photos & Videos

Ladybeetle Release Information

Small Garden Ladybugs - LB2
Sales Special Buy 2 Get 1 Extra Free!
1,500 $6.99
Large Garden Ladybugs- LB45
Sales Special Buy 2 Get 1 Extra Free!
4,500 $16.99
Very Large Garden or Landscape ladybugs LB9k 9,000 $24.99
Large Landscape, small orchard or urban farmer - LB18k 18,000 $37.49
1/4 to 1/2 of an Acre - LB36k   Large Landscape, small orchard or urban farmer - 36,000 $49.99
1/2 to 2 Acres - LBgal -
Farmers please Email the office prior to ordering for best prices
72,000 $79.99

Chris's Amazing Ladybug Photos & Videos

How Our Ladybugs Compare to Other Merchants' Ladybugs

We are one of the very few enterprises that harvest our ladybugs, prepare and package them for gardeners and farmers. Our Ladybugs are harvested from the foothills of California (click here for more info on this) and then resold to companies all across North America and many countries around the World. We also harvest our own Snail Destroyers, and raise some of our own Composting Worms Click here to go the Aphid page for more ideas on controlling these nasty pests.

When you buy ladybugs from almost any other source they have been hauled all around the United States from 2 to 3 different companies. This stresses out the ladybugs, robbing them of their vigor, aphid eating and reproduction capabilities. Other ladybugs may travel an extra 900 to 4,000 miles over 2 to 5 days or more before they reach you! 


A Praying mantis at work in a garden Praying mantis photo gallery

Snail Destroyer

Don't Let Snail  Bait Be Your Pet's Last Meal

Kill snails & slugs safely, protect children, pets and wildlife !

Decollate Snails are snails that live in the soil or mulch during the day and come out at night and eat the snails and slugs that eat your plants 

Decollate Snails (cone shapped), Rumina decollata,  

eating a Brown Garden Snail (round), Helix Aspersa. 

Unfortunately I have met far too many people who have killed their own dog, cat, or the pet of a friend or neighbor. All chemical poison snail baits pose a serious danger. When used properly accidents seldom occur, but pet or child poisonings have tragic consequences. Pets and children can be attracted to the fragrance, shape, size and color of snail baits. It is no mistake that there have been changes in the precautionary statements on boxes of snail baits warning of the danger to pets and children. Why take an unnecessary risk? Decollate snails, on the other hand, do not pose a health hazard to pets, birds or other mammals. Children may find them amusing to watch but not toxic if eaten. The Decollate Snail has been used in Orange groves of citrus growers and in the gardens and landscapes throughout the temperate regions of the United States for nearly 150 years. This famous predator snail comes out of the leaf mulch or soil at night and eats the eggs of slugs and snails. It also feeds on the young snails. The Decollate Snail lives for 2 years and lays a small amount of eggs on a regular basis so there should always be many new Snail Destroyers protecting your garden. When seen in the package they may look dry and inactive, but they will come to life when properly placed in your garden, landscape or orchard.
Snail Destroyer 3,500 249.99

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