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Growquest San Antonio Texas

Will resume shipping September 4,  2012

Shipping Schedule

Orders leave California on refrigerated trucks on;

Tuesday for will call pickup, FedEx Ground Shipping and custom delivery Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday for will call pickup and FedEx Ground and custom delivery Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Our products arrive twice weekly near San Antonio International Airport. We operate up of a facility in the Nacaogdoches Road and Wurzbach Parkway area. Growquest is seeking a location for full time, full service garden center in the San Antonio area.

Our products leave from our refrigerated dock spaces in produce districts of Ventura and Watsonville California on refrigerated trucks traveling through the heat or cold of the Western deserts at a steady 38f. Our plants arrive at and unloaded and kept fresh in refrigerated space and then acclimated at night and ready for planting the next day.

At this time Growquest uses a refrigerated warehouse that is not for direct walk in retail traffic. Arrangements will can be made for will call orders to be pickup with local service staff with 1 days notice.

Growquest Customer Service Centers

Call 855 476 7673 Toll Free


Southern California

Piru, Ca - Daily deliveries to Central and Southern California by appointment to your home or business

Northern California

Gilroy, CA - Wednesday and Thursday or Saturday and Sunday by appointment to your home or business

We will resume out of California order shipping September 4,  2012

Shipping Schedule

Orders leave California on refrigerated trucks for;

San Antonio - Wednesday and Friday evenings

Raleigh - Thursday evening

New York City - Saturday evening

Chicago - Tuesday and Saturday evenings

Pittsburgh - Wednesday and Friday evenings

Atlanta - Wednesday and Friday evenings March 2013

All plant material is grown by Growquest or hand or visually inspected and selected by Growquest prior to sending it to customers. We do not bulk order plants from growers and then accept what ever was pulled by the field staff.

Growquest does not ship starter plants to retail buyers. All plants are grown to meet the landscape or retail prime standards of California, Texas and other prime markets that require prime to specimen quality standards.

Growquest does not have third parties packing and shipping your plants. We do not operate with a "network nurseries" who would be unknown of to you. Growquest grows or sells branded wholesale and retail plants, tagged by Growquest or the grower.

All plants remain in our custody or supervision throughout the delivery process until the plants reach you. Growquest uses a network of proven reliable refrigerated trucks and plant handling terminal locations to insure the freshest most healthy plants possible.

Growquest then completes the delivery process through direct delivery, contracted delivery agents, short line haulers, customer will call or FedEx Ground delivery.

The web site is priced for California and Texas nursery sales, plants are shipped FOB, Ventura, Gilroy CA and San Antonio, Texas. All shipping costs are in addition to plants prices and do not include boxing charges for FedEx Ground transport


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