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China Doll Rose, Bush and Weeping Trees

Shades of rosy pink. Polyantha. This sport (mutation) of the beloved China Doll gives the same profuse clusters of ruffled rosy pink blossoms, but on long slender stems. We offer it only as a tree -- the perfect foil to show off the spilling sprays and narrow apple-green leaves. More flowers in moderate temperatures. Weeping Rose Trees provide a spectacular emphasis in any landscape. Only naturally weeping and cascading varieties are used for dramatic effect. To protect these extra-tall trees in the garden, you'll need to provide additional rigid support systems.

Weeping China Doll
(left) A branch from a 36" Standard Weeping China Doll tree. (top) A 24" Weeping patio rose tree
A 60" Weeping China Doll. A very good choice for breaking up the large white face of this home but badly placed. It should have been planted a least 2 feet further away from the house.
Height/Habit bush, 24" rose tree , 36" rose tree, 48" rose tree and 2-Year 60" Weeping Tree
Bloom Size Small, in clusters
Petal Count 20 to 25
Fragrance Mild tea
Hybridizer Weeks (1977)
Parentage Sport of China Doll