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Sugar Moon Hybrid Tea Rose

New 2012 (2011 limited early release) Rose From Weeks Roses

This exquisite pure white hybrid tea glows like moonlight and smells like heaven. The full, classically formed blooms are saturated with intensely sweet citrus and rose fragrance that nearly bowls you over. Big, pointed buds spiral open to show off broad petals. Very dark green, glossy leaves make the white flowers pop all the more. Good re-bloom, natural vigor, superior disease resistance and long stems make this a perfect rose for garden display, the show bench, floral arrangements and above all, for smelling! (PPAF)
Plant Habit: Medium-tall to tall
Growth Habit: Very upright, bushy
Stem Length: Long
Foliage Color: Rich dark glossy green
Disease Resistance: Very good
Flower Color: Clean bright white
Bud Form: Pointed, elegant
Flower Form: Full & classically formed
Flower Size: Large, up to 5-inch diameter
Petal Count: 35-ish
Fragrance: Intensely sweet citrus & rose
Parentage: Meredith x (Moonstone x Baby Love)
Hybridizer: Christian Bédard
Introducer: Weeks Roses

Sugar Moon bare root rose bush  
Sugar Moon Standard tree rose