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 Valentines Day Climbing Rose

 New Rose from Weeks Roses

My love is like a red, red rose? There ain't no more redder red than this lovely little Climber. Clusters of double blossoms are the same clear velvet red from bud to finish. The look of love is complimented by very dark green clean leaves. Blooms & repeat blooms in the very first year on new & old wood. Ideal for low fences, balcony accents or a decorative trellis in a showy container.



  • Height / Habit: Climbing canes of 6 to 10 feet
  • Bloom / Size: Medium-small, very double, in clusters
  • Petal count: Around 30
  • Parentage: Amalia x Raven
  • Fragrance: Slight
  • Hybridizer: Carruth - 2006
  • Comments: Hardy & red, red, red. Consistently good performer.
Name Price Buy
Valentines Day Climbing bare root rose bush 19.99
Valentines Day Climbing potted rose bush 39.99

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