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David  Austin English Roses 

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These roses bred by David Austin combine the romantic form and intense fragrance of old roses with the re-blooming trait of modern roses. They vary widely in size and generally grow much wider than hybrid teas or floribundas. The effect is to capture the looks of antique roses, but with a wider color range.

English Roses Description
Abraham Darby Tall growing 6 to 8 feet. Peachy pink old fashioned blooms. Can be used as a free standing shrub or a climber. The flowers have up to 100 petals with a strong, fruity fragrance. Good disease resistance.
A Shropshire Lad This is a strong-growing, healthy shrub with large, glossy leaves. The flowers are cup-shaped in the early stages, opening to form attractive rosettes; their color being a soft peachy pink. It is in every way an excellent and reliable shrub of above average size.
Bishops Castle

Over 80 petals are packed into each flower!

Huge raspberry-pink blooms powerfully perfumed with antique-rose scent lighten as they open into full, cupped flowers. Attractive rounded plants.

Ambridge Rose Medium shrub growing 3 to 4 feet. Warm apricot and pink old fashioned blooms. Flowers have up to 100 petals with a light fragrance. Good disease resistance.
Brother Cadfael Giant and globular, clear pink flowers - almost like peonies. These are never clumsy and are nicely held on a substantial shrub, with flowers, leaves and growth all in proportion. Later blooms may be a little smaller. There is a particularly strong and rich Old Rose fragrance, similar to some of the Old Bourbon Roses.
Charlotte Exquisite cup-shaped flowers, of medium size and soft
yellow colors. The growth is compact, bushy and rather upright. Truly one of the most beautiful of the yellow English Roses and also, for those with particularly cold winters, one of the hardiest. It has a pleasant
Tea Rose fragrance. 3 ft. X 2.5 ft.
Christopher Marlowe   New 2005 

Vibrant, orange-red blooms mature to salmon-pink on outer petals, and exude a heady fragrance with lemony overtones. Compact, free-flowering shrub is ideal for containers.

Cottage Rose Medium shrub to 4 feet.  Warm, pink old fashioned blossoms.  Flowers have up to 100 petals with a light rose fragrance.  Good disease control
Crocus This is a very robust and free flowering rose, bearing large, rosette-shaped flowers that are cupped at first; the petals later reflexing. The color is soft apricot, paling to cream on the outer petals. The flowers are produced very freely, in large clusters elegantly poised on the end of slightly arching stems. They have a delightful Tea Rose fragrance. 
English Sachet While classed as a hybrid tea, this lovely rose bears armloads of old fashioned pink roses that are reminiscent of roses from the Victorian era.  The blossoms are full and open to reveal a cupped, quartered old rose look with up to 50 petals and have a strong, sweet fragrance.
Eglantyne We regard this as one of the most beautiful of the English Roses. The flowers are quite large and of exquisite formation - the petals turning up at the edges to form a shallow saucer filled with small petals. The growth is ideal, being of medium height and bushy, with nice foliage and little disease, making it in every way an excellent garden plant.
Evelyn Tall growing shrub to 6 ft.  Rich apricot yellow, old fashioned blooms.  The flowers have up to petals with a strong, peachy fragrance.  Good disease resistance.
Fair Bianca Low growing shrub to 3 feet.  Pure white flowers.  The flowers have up to 100 petals with a strong, licorice fragrance. Upright growth. The scent is strong and of Old Rose character, with an unusual heliotrope note. 3.5 ft. x 2.5 ft.
Falstaff Rich, deep crimson on aging to deep purple.  Medium growing plants to 4 feet.  The flowers have up to 100 petals with a strong, old rose fragrance.  Good disease resistance.

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