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Playboy Floribunda Rose

A very profusely blooming and widely grown rose. It must be religiously deadheaded though, as every bloom forms a hip, and you won't get much re-bloom if you don't take them off.

Playboy has many admirers!  Large clusters of single two inch blooms with seven to ten ruffled petals.  The fragrance is very sweet and fruity. 

It has a rounded habit and the foliage is a dark leathery green.  Playboy has good disease resistance.

Name: Playboy
ARS Color: Red blend (Orange, yellow and red)
Class: Modern Cluster Flowered Floribunda
Synonym: Cheerio
Hybridizer/Date: Cocker, Scotland 1976
Parentage: City of Leeds x (Chanelle x Piccadilly)
Fragrance: Mild
Awards: RNRS Trial Ground Certificate 1975, Portland Gold Medal 1989
Playboy Floribunda Rose bush, bare root plant $18.99
Playboy Floribunda Patio Tree Rose 24", bare root plant $31.99
Playboy Floribunda Standard Tree Rose 36", bare root plant $41.99