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Elle Hybrid Tea Rose

 ARRS Winner 2005

(PPAF, Var: MEIbderos) 2005 AARS prize-winner Elle™ captures attention with both an intense, spicy-citrus fragrance and classic, high-centered buds that open to large, extra-full flowers in delicious colors—shell pink with gold-orange undertones. The soft, non-fading colors glow against dark, glossy foliage of this vigorous hybrid tea. Bred in France and tested to rigorous standards, compact Elle™ will produce big rewards in small gardens and large containers. Better-than-average resistance to mildew and black spot.

Combining a strong spicy, citrus fragrance with a high-centered classic rose bud. ELLETM is a hybrid tea that produces shell pink flowers with deep yellow undertones.

The dark glossy foliage provides a nice contrast to the soft, non-fading flower, and offers above average disease tolerance to mildew and blackspot. Flowers bloom on 10 - 14 inch stems and are 4 - 5 inches wide with a petal count of 50 - 55.


Height/Habit 4'
Bloom Size Semi-double
Foliage Dark glossy green
Petal Count 35 - 50
Fragrance Strong
Hybridizer Meilland(R)
Very Good
Uses Border, Foundation, Specimen
Patent PPAF