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Lynn Anderson Hybrid Tea Rose


Lynn Anderson - Perfectly formed long-lasting blooms of ivory edged in deep pink. Unbelievably long stems on a very tall upright bush. 1995.
Patented Hybrid Tea rose


One of the top-ranked female vocalists in any musical genre, Lynn Anderson is often referred to as a "singers' singer". Lynn's strong, husky vocals have garnered her more awards and accolades than many country artists combined and an audience that spans both popular and country music. She is considered by many to be one of the finest entertainers in country music.

Lynn has sung for three U.S. Presidents and the Queen of England and has been featured on The Tonight Show, Kraft Music Hall of Fame, The Dean Martin Show, The Tom Jones Show, The Carol Burnett Show, Solid Gold, Good Morning America, and three Bob Hope Specials, as well as acting on episodes of Starsky and Hutch, and in Country Gold, and NBC Movie of the Week. Lynn also starred in her own CBS television special. Throughout her career she has served as an ambassador for country music, both broadening its appeal and proving that a country artist could have major success on national television.

Born in Grand Forks, North Dakota, on September 26, 1947, and raised in California, Lynn's love of country music can be attributed to her mother: songwriting great, Liz Anderson. Liz composed such hits as "The Fugitive" and "My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers" for Merle Haggard. Haggard's band, The Strangers, was named for the latter hit.

Lynn's first foray into the music world was when, as a teenager, she entered a singing contest sponsored by the Country Corners program in Sacramento. By the time she turned 20, Lynn had been with a national recording company for three years, scoring a string of hits: "That's a No No", "Rocky Top", "Promises, Promises", "I've Been Everywhere", and "Big Girls Don't Cry". She was a regular on a top-rated network show. When she signed with the Lawrence Welk Show, she became the only country performer featured weekly on national television.

In 1970, Lynn moved to Nashville and signed with Columbia Records; with husband/producer Glenn Sutton, she began turning out a steady stream of well-received recordings for the new label. Then one of those rare sessions occurred. Lynn entered the studio to record Joe South's "Rose Garden". What emerged was a bit of MAGIC! The song climbed to the top of both the country and pop charts, something that was completely unheard of for this time. "Rose Garden" brought Lynn international acclaim and transformed her into a national superstar. The album, "Rose Garden", was released after the single, in February 1971, and earned Lynn numerous gold albums worldwide; it went platinum in the United States. Lynn brought home the prestigious "Female Vocalist of the Year" by Academy of Country Music (her second) and the Country Music Association, as well as Record World's "Female Artist of the Decade"...just to name a few of her 32 tributes for the phenomenal recording.

The success of "Rose Garden" ensured that Lynn's subsequent recordings found a top spot on the charts. In a career that exceeds 30 years, Lynn has scored eight number one records, 18 top-tens, and over 50 in the top-40. She has earned a total of 16 gold albums and won virtually every award available to a female recording artist, including the American Music Award and the prestigious Grammy Award. Her records have sold millions worldwide, many of them becoming standards.

In addition to being a million-selling recording artist, Lynn has been equally successful in the equestrian world. She has won 12 National Championships, four World Championships and several celebrity championships. She produced a TNN Special, "American Country Cowboy's", which benefited various handicapped groups. Lynn's philanthropic interests are long-standing.. one of her recordings was chosen for the Christmas Seal Campaign. She also works with the Special Riders of Animaland, a horseback riding therapy program for children.

Ms. Anderson may not have promised us a rose garden but she has given music lovers around the world much, much more. Lynn Anderson IS the definition of "legend".

"I could sing you a tune and promise you the moon but if that's what it takes to hold you I'd just as soon let you go..."

Lynn was married to songwriter/producer, Glenn Sutton, from 1968-1977. This marriage produced their only daughter together, Lisa Sutton.

" better look before you leap still water runs deep and there won't always be someone there to pull you out and you know what I'm talkin' about..."

She then married oilman Harold "Spook" Stream in 1978, and that marriage lasted until 1982. They had two children together, Gray and Melissa.

Lynn now lives in Taos, New Mexico. She sold her Nashville mansion and moved out to Taos, where she owns a ranch. She still tours . . . not 325 days a year like she used to, but she hits the concert trail about one or two weekends out of each month. She also does a couple of "week long" engagements each year in Las Vegas. She owns several horses and a Pomeranian dog.

"so smile for a while and let's be jolly love shouldn't be so melancholy come on and share the good times while we can."

She is not currently married, but for more than a decade she has been steady dating songwriter Mentor Williams (brother of Paul Williams) and writer of Dobie Gray's 1973 hit "Drift Away" and Alabama's "When We Make Love". He lives in Taos, too, but not with Lynn.

"when you take you got to give so live and let live - I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden."