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Queen Mary II Hybrid Tea Rose

New From Star Roses

This striking pure white Hybrid Tea rose deserves a spectacular name that could characterize its unique beauty. The high centered buds on this new rose combine the distinctive strong fragrance of sweet rose and banana. While we did get a Queen Mary II this year, growers friends of mine who did say it is the most fragrant rose in at least 20 years. Queen Mary II was very popular among professional nurseryman this year and seems like one of strongest white roses to come out since JFK. - Chris

Queen Mary With excellent disease resistance and winter hardiness this exceptional rose will make a wonderful addition to almost any landscape. Appropriately named after the largest, longest, and tallest passenger ship ever conceived.

The Queen Mary 2(TM), is a luxurious cruise ship launched in the spring of 2004 and built by the prestigious Cunard Line.


Named after the recently launched transatlantic ocean liner, the pure white hybrid tea rose was bred by the House of Meilland in Le Luc, France.

"This is a rare quality because there are not too many roses that will do well on both sides of the ocean," said
Jacques Ferare, research director for Star Roses, the North American distributor for Meilland.

The rose is being released in the United States this year and in Europe in 2006.

The white hybrid tea rose has clear blooms on long stems, suitable for cutting, with a unique voluptuous fragrance of rose and banana, according to Star Roses. It grows 3 to 5 feet high.

Hardy under normal conditions in Zones 5 through 11, this rose is ideal in a border, as an accent shrub or in mass plantings near a patio, deck or open window.

"Queen Mary 2 is best suited for East Coast climates and is more tolerant of disease," Ferare said.

The Queen Mary 2 Rose was introduced at the same time that Cunard Line launched its $800 million ship of the same name, the largest luxury passenger ship ever built. Queen Elizabeth II christened the ship in January while holding a bouquet of the new roses. The first Queen Mary rose was released in 1937, one year after the first Queen Mary ship's maiden voyage.