Sweet Chariot Miniature Rose

Sweet Chariot 'Sweet Chariot' is a miniature rose of  great beauty and fragrance.   The fluffy, one-inch blooms are of a rich, dark lavender, fading to mauve.  They are produced in large clusters and repeat quickly.  This charmer makes a wonderful miniature tree, or potted as a hanging basket, so the lovely old-rose fragrance is easily noticed and enjoyed.  
. Color: Lavender

Class: Miniature

Growth Habit: Low growing, almost a ground cover in form

Bloom Habit: repeats very well

Hardiness: Zone 5-10 May need some winter protection.

Fragrance Rating: 4.5 - strong Damask rose fragrance

ARS Merit Rating: 8.0


If grown in the ground, it has a mounding habit of 10 to 18 inches, tending to grow out rather than up.  The blooms last a long time, and fade gradually to light mauve before shedding, so it's easily dead-headed before its dropped petals on the deck.  Once it gets started, it's covered with bloom, so it's a healthy plant with many landscape and patio uses.   The foliage is small and mid-green.

Bred from the Miniature, 'Little Chief', and the old rambler, 'Violette', its not hard to see where 'Sweet Chariot' got its rich coloring from! Sequoia Nursery has another shrub rose from the same cross, called 'Vineyard Song'. It is similar in character, but in a larger, shrub size.

This miniature has a somewhat pendant habit, which makes it ideal for patio pots and hanging baskets. Often seen grown in baskets to excellent effect. Placing 'Sweet Chariot' at an eye-level position is also a good idea because this rose has an excellent fragrance. It is a very sweet, Damask, or "Old Rose" scent.

Blooms of rich mauve and purple shades are produced in large clusters all summer long. It is a very graceful and beautiful rose!