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Miniature Tree Roses 18" Trunks Notes
Baby Love From the name you might think this rose to be sweet, delicate and dainty. But baby, this little lover's full of nothin' but spit and vinegar. She's got the most outstanding black-spot resistance to date and is a rare color.
Baby Michael Deep rose-pink old fashioned flowers.  Flowers have up to 25 petals with a light fragrance.  Good disease resistance
Black Jade Black Jade has beautiful dark rich red flowers of 35 petals and no fragrance are typically born in clusters of 5 to 10. Flowers are on an upright, vigorous bush with dark, semi-glossy foliage and a fairly rapid repeat bloom cycle
Classic Orange Vivid orange blossoms.  Flowers have up to 20 petals with a light fragrance.  Good disease resistance.
Cupcake Put a candle on top of this lush pink cupcake of a rose. Wonderful pale pink flowers, glossy green foliage, and excellent performance in all climates have proven Cupcake™ to be an excellent choice for garden and for show over the years.
Crackling Fire Crackling Fire has clusters of coppery-orange flowers blaze against glossy dark foliage. A profuse bloomer, it packs plenty of dazzling color into any garden setting, from deck containers to perennial beds, late spring to first frost. 
Demitasse Demitasse miniature rose has clusters of old-fashioned pink flowers on a compact mounding plant.  Blossoms have up to 25 petals with a rich, damask fragrance
Denver's Dream Named for the Mile High City, this tall, vigorous plant produces myriads of dazzling coppery-orange flowers. The color is unique, making this plant a great choice for adding a bright, eye-catching spot to the garden
Descanso Dream Descanso Dream miniature rose plant to grows to about 16 inches tall.  Creamy-white flowers are blushed with just a touch of pink.  Blossoms have up to 25 petals with a light fragrance. 
Feisty Feisty miniature rose is aptly named, Feisty sets cluster after cluster of three to seven flowers per stem. High-centered blossoms are a vivacious bright red, with velvety petals and a delicious apple scent.
Gingerbread Man Color that’s good enough to eat and a sweet smell too. Each bush will keep you well-stocked with loads of plump full gingery apricot-amber flowers that hold their luscious color to the last bite.
Gizmo Surely this 'gizmo' can't be a rose! It looks like some other sort of new doodad. But this rosy thingamajig is in need a great new garden gadget. You see it's a perfectly round mound of a little plant just chucked full of wonderfully glossy green leaves.
Gourmet Popcorn Comes in bush, mini tree, 24" patio tree and 36 standard tree form. A profusion of small fat buds open to fragrant crisp white blooms that pop open in large cascading clusters. A very vigorous plant with very disease-resistant dark green leaves. This rose is very popular and in many forms from shrub to trees.
Heartbreaker This catchy cutie will entice you with its perfectly formed flowers and bright long-lasting colors. The easy-to-grow rounded bush flowers generously.
Hot Tamale Hot Tamale's sizzling color and perfect hybrid tea form makes for a delightful miniature rose! Bright blooms are orange-red, with a luminous golden-yellow reverse that is simply riveting.
Kiss 'n Tell Grows to 16 inches tall.  Soft apricot blossoms.  Flowers have up to 40 petals with a light fragrance.
Ko's Yellow Grows to 16 inches tall.  Vivid yellow with pink accents.  Flowers have up to 30 petals with a light fragrance.
La Petite Grows to 16 inches tall.  Pale creamy pink blossoms.  Flowers have up to 25 petals with a light fragrance.  Good disease resistance.
Lemon Drop This sweet piece of lemony eye-candy looks much like its parent, Gingerbread man - loads of old-fashioned formed flowers, lots of bright green clean leaves, long - lasting color, good vigor........
Little Paradise Lavender blooms with a ruby edging on the petals.  Flowers have up to 25 petals with a light fragrance.
Magic Carrousel Lovely white flowers a red-colored edging.  Blossoms have up to 35 petals with a light fragrance. It is covered with hundreds of perfect miniature versions of a full size rose
Minnie Pearl Soft coral-pink blossoms with a salmon blush.  Plants are vigorous and produce lovely sprays that are suitable for cutting.  The flowers have up to 40 petals with light fragrance.  Good disease resistance.
My Honey Vivid orange blossoms.  Flowers have up to 40 petals with a light fragrance.  Good disease resistance.
Neon Cowboy These glitzy colors may make your heart go 'giddy-up'. But your eyes will holler 'whoa' just to get a second look at the unbelievable scarlet color surrounding a searing yellow center.
Rainbows End Rainbows End miniature rose is my top choice for a miniature garden rose. This plant is a non stop show piece for flower production and an ever changing display of colors. The only other miniature rose that comes close in customer appeal is Black Jade.
Raspberry Punch Anyone fond of small roses will appreciate your telling them of this newcomer. A compact well-rounded plant that covers itself with high-centered, dark pink blossoms.
Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby has lots 'n' lots of bright blooms, large well-spaced clusters bear very shapely buds and full-petaled flowers. The sassy cherry-red color carries all the way through the life of the bloom until the old petals drop cleanly away from the bushy full plant
Santa Claus Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus has come to town with his classic velvety red buds that everyone loves. And his goody bag is loaded with highly disease-resistant glossy deep green leaves and lots of brilliant blooms.
Small Miracle Small Miracle has an amazing numbers of exquisite white 2" blooms against rich, dark foliage. Perfect for borders, containers or a smaller garden.
Space Odyssey Catapulting us into the next century for mini roses, this space-age cutie has a great low round bush habit with some of the best disease resistance to date. The big long-lived blossoms
Starina With beautiful orange red flowers its no wonder Starina is rated higher by the American Rose Society than any other Miniature rose.
Starla Charming pure white flowers are presented in lovely sprays suitable for cutting.  Flowers have up to 25 petals with a light, fruity fragrance.  Good disease resistance.
Sun Sprinkles Sun Sprinkles is a 2001 AARS award winner was so impressive that judges had to give it the award - a very rare honor for a miniature variety. It has a profusion of bright, deep yellow blooms with perfect form
Sweet Chariot  Sweet Chariot grows to about 20 inches.  Bright yellow flowers cover this tidy and disease free plant.  Blossoms have up to 30 petals with a light spice fragrance.  Excellent disease resistance
Texas At long last, a yellow Mini that's super-vigorous, beautifully formed and brilliantly colored. What better candidate bear the name of the state known for its yellow Rose
Tropical Twist Tropical Twist miniature rose is a  vigorous plant is a winner of American Rose Society's Award of Excellence. The abundant, perfect buds open apricot pink, mature to coral orange.
Wild Plum This fine lavender miniature features hybrid tea-form blooms, dynamic color and glossy dark foliage. It blooms heavily, repeats quickly, sets masses of 2" flowers
White Chipper White Chipper grows to about 16 inches tall.  White Chipper has showy white blossoms with just a hint of pink.  Flowers have up to 25 petals with a light fragrance.
Winsome Winsome is a bright lilac-lavender beauty that is a winner! And not just won some, but won plenty of hearts and minds. On show benches, in vases and gardens, the perfectly formed, richly hued, double flowers

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