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Knockout Shrub Rose

'Radrazz' The 2000 All America Rose Selection winner, Knockout is totally resistant to blackspot and features light red to deep pink flowers borne in small clusters. It's easy to see how this rose very hardy rose earned its name. is a gorgeous, continuous blooming shrub rose. It will brighten your yard year after year. Knock Out Rose has glossy, dark green foliage and medium-sized clusters of deep, rosy red typical rose blooms. It will grow in height 30 to 36 inches and in width to 30 inches. This rose prefers full sun and moist, well-drained soil.  Knock Out Rose makes a beautiful accent plant or it can be used in a mass planting. This rose also makes a good addition to rose gardens or mixed borders. It may be deadheaded for neatness.

Knockout Rose
  rb/1999/1.5" blooms/height 3'/large, medium blue-green, semi-glossy foliage/slight tea fragrance/5-11 petals/[(Carefree Beauty X unknown)X Razzle Dazzle X unknown)]/No. 1/zone 4-11

Knockout rose maintenance is as close as you will get to a “plant it and forget it” -- we promise!  It truly is a very resistant to black spot and other nuisance diseases.  Unlike most roses which require at least six hours of sun, both Knockout™ varieties do fine in a location with as little as four hours of sun.  A moist, well-drained soil is ideal.  Knockout rose thrives in humid climates where most other roses need spray and maintenance and is also very winter-hardy, even in windy areas, in zones 4-11.  The petals fall cleanly, never needing dead-heading – that’s right, NO DEADHEADING!

Knockout roses are available in pink,  red and blushing pink varieties.  Consider trying both colors in mixed groups of three each. 

The Knockout rose is a good reason to love roses.  With proper selection and placement, there are few other plants that reliably deliver more vibrant color and overall garden satisfaction, than roses.  Roses can also be one of lowest maintenance plants in your garden.  Our Garden-Worthy™ Knockout roses are carefully selected for their cold hardiness, lower maintenance needs and disease resistance.

This year we’re adding the Pink Knockout rose.  This is a result of near universal accolades from our clients applauding the performance of Knockout rose.  That is a powerful testimonial given the fact that we’ve sold thousands of Knockout roses for many different situations during the past several years.  The Knockout rose is also designated as the 2004 ARS Members’ Choice by the American Rose Society.  This is exceptionally noteworthy because that group usually favors the more formal hybrid teas as opposed to shrub roses.

What first caught our attention about Knockout Roses are there outstanding blooming capabilities from a truly low maintenance, black spot-resistant shrub rose.  It never stops performing -- blooming profusely throughout the growing season into late fall.  When planted early in the season, new plants produce impressive, repeat blooms the first year.  It matures as a well-behaved bush up to 4 ft. x 4 ft.  The dark purplish green leaves, as well as the blooms, are so tough they actually resist Japanese beetles. The foliage turns an attractive burgundy in autumn. Orange-red hips last into winter and are attractive to birds.