Wow, hold on for a mind blowing selection of sizes, colors and flower styles of Dahlias.

Dahlias of many sizes and colors really give this house a lot of character. Take a closer look at this amazing color patch at one our customer's house in down town Los Angeles. (click into the picture)
Giant Dinner Plate Dahlias Our garden friends, as well as our not-so-garden friends could not help but marvel at the size and color of our 'Dinner Plate Dahlias.'  Truly as big as dinner plates these specially selected prize-winning size Dahlias are truly spectacular.
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American Dream Exclusive!  Pointed petals with an irregular deep pink and red striped pattern SB82385 8.99 
Babylon Bronze Golden orange perfection SB82409 8.99
Babylon Lilac Pure deep lavender colored blooms SB82435  8.99
Babylon Purple Light maroon flowers with a deep purple glow SB82410  8.99
Babylon Red Bright red flowers SB82404  8.99
Bonaventura Bright yellow, a single stem will make a statement and you'll find yourself cutting and sharing these fall beauties with friends SB82405 8.99
Breakout SBL20200379 8.99
Bristol Stripe New 2005, Could be called Candy Cane! This is really wild light white Dahlia with purple stripes  SB82500 8.99
Café Au Lait Creamy mocha colored flowers SB82411 8.99
Explosion Sunshine yellow with white striping SB82456  8.99
Fleur Pure white flowers SB82407 8.99
Grand Prix Brilliant yellow flowers with white tips SB82412  8.99
Holland's Festival New!  Deep orange with white tips SB82373 8.99  
Kelvin Floodlight Bright yellow flowers SB82406  8.99  
Kenora Macob Deep rich maroon flowers SB82491 8.99
Kidd's Climax Soft salmon rose flowers illuminated by a bright yellow heart. SB82382 8.99  
Lavender Perfection SBL20200161 8.99
Otto's Thrill Lavender Pink Flowers SB82408  8.99  
Mick's Peppermint Pure white flowers with rose red tips SB82433 8.99
Mrs. Elleen SBL20200122 8.99
Otto's Thrill SBL20200003 8.99
Omega SBL20200123 8.99
Summer Dawn White and rose/lavender colored flowers SB82422 8.99  
The Big Wow Huge wine red flowers SB82423 9.99  
Thomas Edison SBL20200005 8.99
White Perfection SBL20200004 8.99
Cactus Dahlias Cactus Dahlias are large, colorful, starburst-type flowers.  We offer the best varieties in a wide range of colors.  Excellent for garden or border planting.  Long lasting, ideal cut flowers.  Hardy in zones 8-10.
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Cactus Alfred Grille Bright yellow center surrounded by salmon pink petals SB82493 3.99 
Cactus Dahlia Anderson Soft pink flowers bloom amongst bronze foliage SB82498 4.99  Cactus Dahlia Anderson Soft pink flowers bloom amongst bronze foliage SB82498   4.99
Cactus Dahlia Black Cat Dark Maroon SB82420 3.99  
Cactus Dahlia Blue Beard Bright violet blue flowers.  Long lasting cactus variety SB82380 4.99  
Cactus Dahlia Dutch Explosion White with deep pink or lilac tips SB82390 4.99  
Cactus Dahlia Jenny Irregularly spiked petals edged in salmon pink changing to white towards lemon yellow center SB82479 4.99  
Cactus Dahlia Jura Sparkling white with fuchsia pink tips SB82414 3.99  
Cactus Dahlia Kennermerland Solid golden-yellow pointed petals SB82483 3.99  Cactus Dahlia Kennermerland/1 Pk Solid golden-yellow pointed petals
Cactus Dahlia Show and Tell; Fiery red accented with bright yellow tips and center SB82481 5.99